Structured Products

Through structured products of ITI Trade LTD., one can take a risk-controlled exposure to the underlying asset of your choice. Structured products allow clients to optimize or strip off upside or downside exposure.

Through structured products, clients can get access to a wide range of assets otherwise unavailable: equities (individual stocks and baskets), indices, currencies, bonds, commodities, interest rates and real estate.

If a client has an exposure to a particular asset class ITI Trade LTD. can structure a product hedging against adverse movements in this particular assets without adding additional market risks.

Our system supports automated pricing and execution of desired products. At the moment a total combination of standard automatically executable structured products tops 500. In addition to that range of structured products we offer, ITI Trade LTD. can create a tailored structured product that matches investor specific requirements.

ITI Trade LTD. structured products are an opportunity to exploit fresh ideas and to participate in investments not crowded for the moment without risk of losing principal investment.

With ITI Trade LTD. structured products investor can significantly reduce investment time frame from standard 1-2 years to just as short as 3 months hence to manage free cash flow more effectively.

In addition to the above, ITI Trade LTD. will be happy to put you the best possible bid for the existing structured product, should you decide to early terminate (subject to market conditions).

Besides our custom structure products and solutions we also provide clients with access to  products of our partner fund platform ITI Funds®.  This includes: Globally focused equity, fixed income and fund of funds ETPs. In partnership with global ETF providers we offer an ambitious line of products.