HFT and algo solutions

Our experience provides the perfect technical foundation for the development of low latency solutions for high performance trading.

Since every client situation is different, we develop bespoke solutions, working with our clients to deliver what we believe to be the fastest systems available.

Points of presence and co-location

HFT and algo clients can make use of our hosting and proximity hosting services. ITI Trade currently offers its clients co-location in Moscow – Data Space and M1 and in London – InterXion LON1.

Data Space is the the main data center of Moscow stock exchange may provide a better quality of services for trading on the FORTS market, spot and foreign exchange markets.

Own network infrastructure, direct connection to the Moscow exchange network and the constant modification of its elements can guarantee the stability and comfort of work for all types of DMA connections, especially HFT.

One of the significant advantages of being co-located at Interxion is having access to a number of financial networks, market data providers, liquidity nets, and exchanges. ITI Group offers proximity hosting at Interxion with low latency access to the LSE and other exchanges. The infrastructure is based on dedicated lines and supports a full range of trading services.

In addition,we have such services like virtual servers, equipment rent and leasing.


For HFT we provide direct connection to the exchange trading system through pre-trade risk control unit.

Usage of this service allows clients to use all of the benefits of ITI Trade risk engine system like margin trading from single portfolio on all supported markets, correlation of assets and other features with minimal delays. Latency of pretrade proxy is 5-10 mcs.

The risk management engine, built 100% in-house, guarantees that there will be no delays caused by 3rd party software providers and that there will be very quick adaptability of systems to any market changes. We are constantly working to improve the performance and functionality of this system module.


SmartCom is an open program interface of applications connection using a component object model (Component Object Model, COM). The interface is specifically designed to create on its basis your own automated systems and allows users to build full-fledged trading robots which communicate directly with the broker’s trading server as well as to develop your own trading terminals and connect to the trading server existing mechanical trading system.

Using SmartCOM allows: